Conditions of usage and Photographers

Remember that the images on our Press Site are for editorial use only.
If you would like to use them for other purposes such as advertising or
advertorials you need our permission first. We hope you like them as much
as we do, handle them with care and follow the conditions of usage.

If you decide to use one of our images it must be obvious that it comes
from us and the photographers name must always be mentioned. You are
not allowed to alter or manipulate the images in any way.

Copyright Notice

Intellectual property is protected by law. Samsøe & Samsøe and the
photographer/s reserve all copyright and other intellectual property related
to the images. We will not accept any infringement of our rights or the
photographer/s. Any misuse of the images, copyright or usage rights will
unfortunately lead to legal proceedings and we sincerely hope to avoid that.


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