We promote a considerate culture towards people and the planet

Our culture defines who we are. We strive to be a responsible employer that fosters a healthy work culture and promotes ethical business activities throughout our entire organisation. This involves building an inclusive culture and workplace, running our stores responsibly, and reducing our plastic packaging use.

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Inclusive culture

We are committed to an equal and inclusive culture built on the right to non-discrimination. Therefore, we do not require candidates to provide photo identification or disclose their age or gender when applying for a position at Samsøe Samsøe. In addition, we use non-discriminatory language in all handbooks, policies, and guidelines.

An inclusive culture offers equal opportunities for all genders. We strive for a broad representation of skills, competencies, and identities on all business levels. Today women make up 70% of the Operations Group, 20% of the Management Group, and 25% of the Board, and we support the professional and personal development of all employees, regardless of gender, age or identity. 


Responsible stores

Our stores are built with a responsible and circular mindset, and we reuse what we can when it comes to furniture and interior. When adding new interiors we only use certified materials, such as FSC certified superior wood from sustainably managed forests in Austria and recycled wool from Danish KVADRAT. Moreover, the electricity used across all Nordic stores is matched with renewable energy production through green certificates, with a planned global rollout in 2023. Click to learn more about our Store Community.


Plastic commitment

We are committed to a circular economy for plastic through the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Since committing to this agenda, we have achieved a 40% reduction in our total annual plastic usage. We accomplished this by reducing the size of our polybags (used to protect products in shipping) and removing them from sample shipments, removing secondary packaging from all shipments, and switching to better packaging materials, such as GRS certified recycled plastic and FSC certified paper.

To even out the climate impact of the packaging used in online sales, eCommerce packaging is 100% climate compensated through Gold Rate-certified projects that restore forests to increase the carbon uptake from the atmosphere.