By recycling textile waste, we promote circularity while reducing wastefulness across our industry


By recycling worn garments, discarded plastic bottles and production scraps into new items, we promote circularity and lower our dependence on virgin resources while reducing wastefulness across the industry.


Today, recycled textiles make up less than 10% of the global textile market out of which less than 1% have been recycled in a closed-loop system. Samsøe Samsøe is committed to doing our part to change this and is committed to using 50% responsibly recycled materials in 2030 across all collections. 


In 2022, we increased the share of recycled materials to 30% of our total material use – a third of them comprise full-chain GRS-certified materials, which is the highest industry standard for responsible and considerate material recycling.​

Explore GRS-certified items made from responsibly recycled materials.