Responsible production
Responsible production


We work with transparent and responsible production partners

We proactively seek out suppliers that share our ambition to develop responsible products, and adhere to the ethical conduct described in our policies. Our work to encourage transparent and ethical production practices throughout our supplier network includes achieving full product traceability and promoting fair working conditions and low impact technology. 

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Product traceability

We are committed to being fully transparent about all parts of our business, including where and how our products are made. Product traceability is essential for guaranteeing responsible production - especially in long, complex supply chains. 

We have achieved full traceability for the first three stages of production (factory, dye house, and fabric mill) for close to 100% of our items. Despite the significant complexities, we remain committed to tracing our garments even further back, to raw material extraction and production. 

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Fair working conditions

We aim to have a stable and consolidated supplier network and prioritise long-term partnerships that make it easier to visit suppliers and manage production. 

To ensure that fair working conditions are met across all suppliers, we require independent audits to be carried out at their production sites. We only accept internationally recognised standards such as BSCI, SMETA, WRAP and SA 8000.

This allows us to assess their performance in terms of human rights, international labour standards, health and safety regulations, environmental protection, and business ethics. More than 80% of our production volume is covered by valid audits and we are working towards increasing this to 100% year-on-year.


Low impact technology

We actively promote low impact production practices in our supply chain. Such solutions include installing solar panels, implementing on-site wastewater treatment, and investing in new production equipment. These developments require us to invest and engage in transparent, long-term partnerships. 

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