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New Mags

New Mags offers a range of selected books. Among others, you will findthe book “The Little Book of Hygge” which is about the Danish concept of “hygge”. Meik Wiking introduces the world to the Danish concept which cannot be translated directly into other languages. But is the term more of a feeling than just a word?

SHOWING 10 of 10 items
SHOWING 10 of 10 items
  • Mexico - the cookbook PH1045
    DKK 400,00
  • The worlds sexiest TH1033
    DKK 350,00
  • How to be parisian
    DKK 250,00
  • 150 Restaurents LA1055
    DKK 250,00
  • Chanel - the karl lager TH1022
    DKK 600,00
  • Dior - new looks TH1023
    DKK 670,00
  • Gin & tonic LA1002
    DKK 250,00
  • The world according to TH1025
    DKK 200,00
  • Yves saint laurent AB1024
    DKK 600,00
  • Champagne LA1048
    DKK 500,00