Our culture should support people and the planet!

As an international brand and as an employer, our business culture has a wide-reaching impact on our own staff, the communities we are part of, and the planet itself. Accordingly, the choices we make in all business decisions should be considered a force for change. 

In order to place ourselves at the top of responsible fashion brands, we need to focus on building a responsible culture that considers our impact on people and the planet: creating a culture where all people can thrive, develop their talents and feel they belong whilst also operating our business in a way that minimises our impact on the planet. 

Read more about our key actions for creating real change below and head to our latest CSR Report for the full tour.

Inclusive culture


Our company culture is built on equality, diversity and inclusion which incorporates the right to non-discrimination. You will never be required to disclose gender, age or photo identification when applying for a position in Samsøe Samsøe, and we have ensured using non-discriminatory language across all handbooks, policies and guidelines. We aim that our employees, as well as our audience, see their identity and culture represented in our brand. 


An inclusive culture is one that offers equal opportunities for men, women and non- binaries and accordingly, we strive for diversity and a broad representation of skills, competencies and identities across all business levels. Today, women represent 70% in the Operations Group, 20% in the Management Group and 25% on the Board, and we support the professional and personal development of all our employees regardless of gender, age, or identity.


Responsible stores


Our stores are designed with a responsible and circular mindset, and we reuse and recycle whatever we can. 


By reusing mirrors, tables, shelves, clothing rails and other items previously used in our stores, showrooms and at fairs, we reduce the impact of buying from new. 


Responsible materials make up the backbone of our stores. From FSC-certified superior Douglas fir and oak derived from sustainably-managed forests in Austria for all woodwork to recycled wool fabrics for all curtains and furniture, we use only certified, quality materials for any new interior we might create.


Furthermore, we make sure that the electricity used across all Nordic stores, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, is matched with green electricity production, with a planned rollout to all stores, globally, within 2023. Check out for yourself at your nearest store.


Responsible packaging


We cannot completely halt the use of packaging, but we can make sure to reduce the volume and use only responsible materials. 


By folding garments prepared for shipment one more time, we need to use only a half sized polybag (the packaging used to protect garments throughout shipping). This makes it possible for us to reduce total plastic usage by close to 40% on an annual basis. By making sure all polybags are made from only recycled plastics, we lower our dependency on non-renewable resources too. 


We switched our eCommerce packaging to FSC-certified paper, derived from sustainably- managed forests. All eCommerce packaging is made of clean materials to make sure it can be recycled into new, recycled packaging once again. As an effort to even out the climate impact of using packaging for online sales, eCommerce packaging is 100% climate compensated through Gold Rate-certified projects, where forests are being restored to increase the carbon uptake from the atmosphere. 



Learn more about our efforts on responsible packaging in our latest CSR report