Store Community
Store Community

Our store community is key to achieving our responsible ambitions

Our store community plays a key role in achieving our responsible ambitions and with more than 45 store locations worldwide, reducing the impact of operating our stores is essential to bringing down our carbon footprint. 

As a first step, we have converted to LED lighting and installed motion detectors in our Head Office, Warehouse and retail locations. We are matching our remaining consumption in the Nordics with renewable energy production, with a global roll-out planned in 2023. We are also working towards lowering the impact of outfitting our stores through repurposing furniture and interiors and buying second-hand. When adding new interiors, we use only certified materials such as FSC certified superior wood from sustainably-managed forests in Austria and recycled wool fabrics from Danish KVADRAT.

Our staff strives to offer a personalised shopping experience and will help with sizing and optimal fitting and provide correct care instructions. Onwards, our stores collaborate with local tailors and shoemakers to assist with repair and adjustment needs and can do smaller in-store repairs if needed. When items do not qualify for repair, we make sure to upcycle them through our RE: initiative or donate them to be recycled.

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