American Dream

Known for his incredible illustrations and endless creativity,
Jirka is an inspiration. We met with him in sunny California
to shoot #samsoestories, ask him some questions and
have him style the Spring 2019 collection.

Photographed by Maxwell Poth.

What would you be doing if you hadn't pursued a career as an influencer/freelancer?

Being a freelancer, I feel lucky in the sense that I get to dabble with quite a broad palette, so I don’t feel like I’m tied to one particular career path. But at one point I wanted to be making movies, or my fascination with faces could’ve taken me down a path of a make-up artist or a plastic surgeon.

Describe your style in three statements?

Relaxed, open to inspiration, versatile.

Who do you most admire?

My sister for being so considerate, caring and selfless, and for standing up for what she believes is right – even to the point where it can be somewhat self-sacrificing.

What would you like to do that you can't?

Commit to meditating. I’ve experienced how powerful it can be, but still can’t make a habit of it.

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