Curated Carl Krull Pre-Autumn 2020

Carl Krull

For Pre-Autumn 2020, we collaborated with Danish artist Carl Krull to recreate one of his prints on signature pieces in our collection.

We caught up with him at his studio in the coastal town of Gilleleje in Denmark to find out more about his work, his artistic processes and the 'Seismographic' print.

Krull stumbled upon a technique that he calls ‘seismographic’, where he can draw in a similar way to the machines that record earthquakes.

Once he discovered that he could create shapes and impressions from contour lines, Krull started creating dimensional illustrations of bodies and faces by crossing line over line.

Using a mixture of brushes, the tip at the end of the brush, hands and finger nails; the way he produces his art is mesmerising to watch.
Curated Carl Krull Pre-Autumn 2020
Do you know what a piece of art will look like when you start painting?

“No, I know I will create a face and the general features, but there are millions of faces in the world and I don’t know which one will appear.”

How do you see it all when you are drawing?

“I don’t. It’s like a writer working on a book or story, they know where they’re going and what the whole thing is about, but the twists and turns will come on their own.”

Our design team fell in love with one of his prints and it became one of the focuses of this season.
Three layers of lines make up the print – blue, black and neon green. The black line is actually the same formation as the blue one, but Carl altered it by putting layers of tape over the line while making the screen print.

Known for almost always incorporating faces into his paintings, this is one of a few artworks created by Krull that centers around the “clean lines” of the shapes themselves.