Babba 2020SS Samsøe Samsøe Stories

Babba C. Riveria is an innovator. A marketing genius with her
own marketing company By.Babba, she has changed the
game for every brand she has worked with.
Named as one of Forbes “30 under 30”, Babba is a champion
of female empowerment and in 2016 founded HER USA, a
company that brings together a diverse group of women to
learn from and support one another.

We caught up with her (via email) as part of our
“The World as of Now” series, to get advice on running your
own business and how to handle the current WFH situation.

Babba 2020SS Samsøe Samsøe Stories
Babba 2020SS Samsøe Samsøe Stories
What are your top tips for maintaining a work life balance?

Set boundaries for when you work and when you don’t. As an example, I rarely work on weekends and try to stay hyper productive during the week instead. Maintaining a healthy workout routine is also key for balance, making sure you schedule it in just like you schedule your work meeting. It’s otherwise easy to see days pass by with busy schedules and ‘no time’ for wellness, but if you make wellness an essential part of your week, you’ll start to notice you also become more productive.

What’s your favourite podcast to listen to right now?

Shameless plug, but our very own ‘Out Of Office’ podcast is one of my favourite ones! I love to hear from people who have truly manifested their own way. I also love Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday podcast, as well as How I Built This and the Goop podcast.

Where is your favourite room to relax at home?

My bathroom! I love unwinding after a busy day with a warm bath. I always have bath salts at home and nice home-spa products such as facials, nice creams, scented candles and Palo Santo.

Can you recommend any good books with a positive message?

Miracle Morning is my absolute favourite book! It’s so empowering and makes you feel like you can do anything. The author is a man who has had true rock bottoms, yet remained positive and came out so much stronger on the other side.

Any career advice for people entering the fashion industry?

Start somewhere. The fashion industry at times can feel a bit closed off, but I think it is important to find your entry somewhere and go from there. Once in the fashion industry, it becomes evident how small the industry actually is and how many connections fostered come full circle at later times. That being said, with this notion I think it is crucial to always leave a good impression and never leave a job with the door closed.

What is the most important thing you have learned from running your own business?

I think what I’ve learned is how important it is to invest in your team. Ultimately, your team is who assists in manifesting the success of a business and so, it is crucial that your team feels secure, appreciated and motivated to continue representing your business and driving it forward. Also, I’ve learned how necessary it is to find balance as a founder. What you put in, you get out. The first year of bybabba, I put so much in, to the point of not having a proper balance, and somewhat putting myself on the path for burnout. I realized that this level of operating actually prohibits ideas and creative clarity.

Babba 2020SS Samsøe Samsøe Stories
Babba 2020SS Samsøe Samsøe Stories