Samsoe Stories PS 2021 Hanna & Jimmy

Creative power couple Hanna MW and Jimmy Loutfi are the one’s to watch. Based between Borås and Stockholm in Sweden, they take on the Pre-Spring 2021 collection in their different urban environments.

Hanna, how come you ended up working as a stylist / creative consultant?

I started my career working as an in house stylist for big Swedish online retailers, which was such a good school in terms of both styling and also of how the industry works. During that time, the blogosphere was a thing, and I had my blog, but as soon as Instagram came - I started my account. During this time, I started picking up a lot of freelance work on the side and also became an editor at a Swedish Fashion magazine. After juggling all things at the same time I decided to go fully freelance three years ago, which is probably the most scary but also the best decision - ever!

Jimmy, what made you interested in jewellery design? And for how was your brand Louis Abel born?

I have a background in Mechanical Engineering and in a sense always worked with design in some way. That said, designing mechanical components is a lot about rules and calculations. I guess what got me into jewellery design was me trying to find a way to create and express myself without the traditional boundaries of design that I was used to. The brand Louis Abel was born in 2017.

Hanna, any special jobs you’re mostly excited about in 2021?

I can’t share the name of the magazine but I’m styling and creating a very exciting editorial! It’s a dream come true, actually. I’m also very much looking forward to a design collaboration that I’m doing during 2021!

Jimmy, any launch within the brand for 2021, you’re most excited about?

During the past year, my interest in interior design has developed a lot, and I am currently experimenting with how you could combine it with jewellery design. I am really excited to see how this thought process and project develops, during 2021.

Hanna, what inspires you when dressing yourself? Any style icons and/or other inspirations?

I find a lot of inspiration from interior design and accounts like: @animliving & @ideih, from old movies, people like for instance @palomija, music, nature, art, and of course flowers.

Jimmy, being one of the most well dressed men (at least in our specs) in Sweden, what influences your style?

Thank you. I would say that my style is focused around comfort, as I dress to feel good. My style is influenced by lots of things, for example streetstyle and culture, vintage army clothing, the grunge era, amongst other things.