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Commitment to be good

Samsøe & Samsøe, CSR

Integrity is at the very core of what we do. Our dedication to not only the clothes you wear but also the world we live in goes far beyond our Code of Conduct. Through mindful manufacturing, our design-driven fashion has a positive social impact. Our products are a testament to this – and prove we don’t need to sacrifice style for sustainability. We take our responsibility seriously and encourage you to do the same: We’re in this together.


Be nice to people and animals

In addition to committing to our company-wide Code of Conduct, which sets out minimum requirements on working conditions, employment rights and workers’ pay, we make a point of getting to know our suppliers, the work they do, and the products we develop together. Many of our suppliers have been with us for over a decade.

We collaborate with the Danish Red Cross, who repurpose, recycle or distribute surplus products to those in need. Additionally, our collections are free from angora and fur, and the leathers we select are by-products of the food industry.

Protect the planet

We’re determined to leave the smallest footprint possible. That’s why we’ve chosen to transport the majority of our goods by sea rather than air. We use low-impact chemicals in many of our denim treatment washes and our care labels urge our customers to think about the impact washing and the use of detergents has on the environment, too.

We’re committed to stopping the use of plastic and instead utilise paper bags in our stores and recyclable plastic in packaging when and where applicable. We also use environmentally conscious fabrics whenever possible: From organic cottons and recycled wools to natural, renewable fibres, our clothing looks good and feels good. From 2020, all metal trim on denim – studs, buttons and embellishments – will be made from recycled materials.


Please read more in our Code of Conduct.

For further information about our chemical standards, please read our Restricted Substance List.

If you have any specific questions about our Code of Conduct or our Restricted Substance List, you are welcome to write to us at