We all need clothes – but fewer and of better quality!

The fashion industry relies on constant renewal and the level of fast consumption puts tremendous pressure on resources, the planet and individual communities. Meanwhile, too many garments are produced that last less than a lifecycle and there is little incentive to reuse and recycle materials and products.

We need to focus on producing durable and timeless clothing that will last through wash, wear, and across seasons, whilst, at the same time, promoting quality materials. We need to rethink our business to embrace circularity and focus on closing the loop through take- back solutions, repairing, reusing, and recycling products and materials.

Read more about our key actions for creating real change below and head to our latest CSR Report for the full tour. 

Quality design

We intend to make products that last and that will be an essential part of your wardrobe for years and we aim to give you the best in variety and quality. Drawing on Denmark’s renowned design tradition, Samsøe Samsøe offers minimalist, affordable and accessible fashion clothes with a clear Nordic look. 

Our best indication of product quality is the rate of claims: something we managed to bring down to less than 0,3% of sold items following a joint effort across our Product Development team. All our products are designed for use and reuse and we repurpose all claimed items through either the RE: initiative or through Red Cross. 

The team creates and defines our styles to transcend trends, placing the main focus on designing for elevated everyday use, while a smaller part of our collections comprises more directional pieces for special occasions. Meanwhile, we continue to solidify Basics as cool, and now close to a quarter of our revenue comes from our Basics collection – a collection celebrating the simplicity of great and lasting style 


Circularity through RE:

We believe we can be part of a circular solution and we take responsibility for our products beyond just the first point of sale. 

Besides offering repair services across most of our stores - including sending garments to a tailor for alternations - we extend the circularity of products and materials through our circular in-store initiative, RE: Through RE: we repurpose flawed and returned items, leftover fabrics and unsold stock as either: 


Products with minimal flaws – wearable items but not perfect 


Products previously owned by our customers – returned, retailored and in a good condition to be repurposed 


New products produced from leftover fabrics and unsold stock from previous collections 

Find the RE: Items in our flagship stores and soon online too.


Quality materials

The materials we use define both the quality of our products and our impact on the planet, and we acknowledge that we have to consider and prioritise both. To do so, we have invested in an ambitious Material Strategy. 

We aim for 100% responsible material use in 2026, setting a milestone for 2024 and further targeting 50% recycled material use towards 2030. 

Our Fibre Matrix places focus on the use of certified materials to increase product quality whilst reducing the impact we leave on the planet. To ensure traceability and transparency in the production of our used materials, we are certified to the following standards: